Headlight restoration

Headlight Restoration is the process of removing any cloud or yellowing effect on your headlights, whilst refining the lenses to a much better finish.

metal polishing

Metal Polishing is the process that is used to restore dull metal, back to shiny, there's nothing worse than having your metal look dull, and ruin the look of your Motorcycle.

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Leather Cleaning will remove any trapped dirt and oils that are in the seems of the leather. This is then followed up with a conditioner to restore the leather to a natural look.

Leather coating

Coating your leather is one of the best types of protection to keep your leather feeling soft, supple, with a natural finish, whilst adding protection from water, dust and dirt, which will keep your leather looking as best as possible for longer.


Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface. Whilst removing light scratches, and producing great levels of shine.

cut & polish

Cut & Polish is a process used to remove paint defects. It removes some clear coat in order to remove most defects, then a cutting stage. Which involves removing light to medium scratches.

waxes & sealants

Wax protects your cars paintwork and enhances reflections, such as protecting from UV Rays, Hydrophobic Properties and protects against oxidization. This will leave behind months of protection and great levels of shine.

paint enhancement

Paint Enhacement is the process of restoring defects in your paintwork such as, marring, dullness, and bringing gloss back to your paintwork.

ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating adds an additional layer of protection on top of your clear coat, creating a barrier which will help keep your vehicle looking is best and make washing a breeze, whilst protecting from chemicals, and produce great levels of durability.

Wheel coating

Wheel Coatings are a great form of protection to keep your rims looking as great as possible, whilst adding protection from vicious particles that could destroy your wheel's finish.